About Us

Scribitus are an international team of passionate writers and marketing specialists. We pride ourselves in our ability to translate any concept or idea into comprehensive strategies and high quality content, no matter how unfinished or abstract they may be. With our wide range of professional backgrounds ranging from law, history and politics to technology, engineering and beyond, our ability to do research is unmatched.

Scribitus are a member of NAKARMA Teams, an initiative founded by a global team of experts, specialists and industry veterans for the purpose of addressing social and environmental issues. While NAKARMA’s main organisation focuses on research and development, NAKARMA Teams offer services and consulting to both carry out the NAKARMA way as well as helping to fund NAKARMA’s research. For more information we invite you to visit nakarma.com.

To engage the services of Scribitus is to contribute to NAKARMA’s mission, while simultaneously gaining access to our expert advice, marketing strategies and writing services. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss all the options.

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